From the Right: McClintock means statesmanship

By: Ken Campbell, guest columnist
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By Ken Campbell Over the last 90 days voters in the 4th Congressional District witnessed a brutal campaign in which almost $6 million was spent— Doug Ose out-spending Tom McClintock by over 4 to 1. Now we need to learn a few lessons: 1. Republicans running as Republicans win, period. In 1994 congressional Republicans were swept into power by standing on the conservative principles of the Reagan legacy; however, over time, those principles became inconvenient. Spending went through the roof, the ethically dubious enterprise of earmark/pork flourished, and corruption was rampant. McClintock stood on the same conservative principles Reagan advocated. Republicans must come to a conviction that when they run on Republican principles of limited Constitutional government, low taxes and greater freedom, they win. 2. Personal attacks and character assassination do not work. Doug Ose spent $4.6 million personally attacking McClintock, assassinating his character. Campaigns should be run on issues and candidates should debate their different approaches to said issues. Personal attacks and character assassinations are a loser, used by losers; and so Ose lost and McClintock won. 3. Ose had a lengthy list of endorsements from elected officials who told us he was their man; however, no one followed. One must wonder, why the disconnect? One must also wonder if there are other things these local elected officials are doing that are equally out of touch. The Placer County Supervisors’ new car tax and their new restaurant tax, coupled with what could be considered their junior Congressional earmark/ pork spending called “revenue sharing” and the supervisor’s push for a pay raise come to mind. 4. McClintock faces a tough race against Democrat Charlie Brown, but will win. In the Primary election, McClintock received 42,544 votes, Brown received 42,357. No doubt McClintock will receive some votes that were cast for his opponents and Brown will receive some votes cast for his opponent; however, in the end, McClintock will prevail. McClintock represents something we have not seen in a while or very often; statesmanship. He is, in actuality, an example of the principles of the Reagan era, and, ultimately, of the Founding Fathers. McClintock is a radical departure from “business as usual” and a welcome change. He will be our next Congressman. Ken Campbell is former chairman of the Placer County Republican Party.