The right rewrites history for its benefit

Reader Input
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I would like to clarify a few historic facts that no one has mentioned regarding how the United States got out of the first Great Depression. The only time we have ever had a middle class in this country was after the second world war. And by the way, the war did get us out of the depression. Trick question: What did our government do before going to war? We spent billions of dollars on building ships, jeeps, etc. So let’s get the facts straight about government spending and the U.S. getting out of the last depression. The buildup of our country for war was the “stimulus” that got us out of the depression. After the war our G.I.s came back to this country and felt they had fought and won the right to live a decent life without threat of poverty. Millions of regular Joes died for this country and for capitalism. Who were those radicals who started those lousy unions after the war? Today we call this group the “Greatest Generation.” What did they fight for? A right to a decent life. They made many sacrifices. Why did they create labor unions? Was it to get a piece of the American pie they had fought so hard for? The unions created the first and only middle class this country had ever known. Freedom and liberty does come with a price. A shared common good. Under (President Dwight) Eisenhower taxes on the wealthiest Americans was 90 percent. Also, during the ’50s and Eisenhower, the government put people to work making a living wage building the interstate highway system. Again, that was government spending everybody’s money for the good of the all. In the ’60s the government spent money on the space program which led to many of the technical advancements that have made many Americans very wealthy. Civilization took over from animals as people learned you can get a lot accomplished if you work together. But now the right is too busy lying to the American people even reinventing history for their benefit. Dave Hungerford, Auburn