Right wing slows recovery

Reader Input
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Eric Cantor strikes again. He now refuses to bring to a vote the president’s $447 billion jobs bill, which will bring needed jobs and infrastructure construction to our economy and country. Realizing that he can properly do this does nothing to mitigate the employment issues and certainly shows his lack of statesmanship. Why am I not surprised? The right wing of the Republican Party backed by an ill-advised tea party group continues to eviscerate members of both the Republican and Democratic Parties, who I believe constitute a majority of Americans and hopefully will play well in the upcoming election. Are you listening, Tom McClintock, who has never held a non-political position in his life, job, military or otherwise? I love the term “jihadists who demand purity,”a term fostered by Cokie and Steven Roberts in their syndicated column. Never have truer words been spoken. Geary C. Tiffany, Vietnam veteran, Auburn