Ringing bells great for Salvation Army

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Re: Dec. 1 “Salvation Army sees increased need this year as it launches kettle drive.” This is a great cause. The Salvation Army helps many people, such as families in need, seniors, and the homeless. This is in keeping with the spirit of the holiday season. I personally have experience ringing bells with the Salvation Army. I go with my church group every year. My family and I stand in front of Save Mart, Gottschalks, and Longs collecting money and greeting people for the Salvation Army with the familiar bells. My brother Josh and his friend Ryan said, “I love ringing bells for the Salvation Army because they help people in need.” I agree with them. Ringing bells with your family is a great way to help people over the holiday season. My family brings our dog, and we sing Christmas songs, smiling all the time. This attracts people to put more money in the red kennel. The shifts are usually about two hours long. The Salvation Army needs more people to volunteer to stand in front of the stores and be bell ringers. It is a lot of fun and you will enjoy should you volunteer to be bell ringers. Becky Matthews Auburn