Rising gas prices don’t signal upturn

Reader Input
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In response to Thursday’s front-page article, “Auburn sales tax projections looking up”: Is (City of Auburn Administrative Services director) Andy Heath from an alternate universe? He’s quoted as saying gas prices are a sign of a good economy.
Since when? Higher gas prices may be good for the city in the form of higher taxes and forcing locals to stay local (if you can’t afford the gas, you can’t leave town), but that is in no way an indication of an improving or healthy economy.
Other people in the article say that sales are increasing across Auburn, but again I say that’s because not many people can afford to go anywhere else, especially when you account that higher gas prices mean higher retail and grocery prices. In other words, people may be spending more, but they’re getting less for their money. That fact isn’t reflected in tax revenue though, since sales tax goes up along with the prices.