Road safety takes a holiday

Reader Input
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On my way down Lincoln Way I got to the stop light at Highway 49 and turned right and went through the underpass and turned into the left-turn lane to go down Lincoln Way. I saw there were lots of cars backed up to go down into the canyon. This was at 1 p.m. Friday, July 1. A lady left enough room to turn onto Lincoln Way. As I made my turn I was even with her car and I caught something in my right eye and it was red. I hit my brake and came to a complete stop. Guess what it was. It was an idiot person on a motorcycle who was passing all of the cars ahead of him on the right-hand side. If I had gone into the intersection one or two seconds either way I would have hit him broadside or he would have hit me broadside, possibly killing him. What an idiot. My guess is he did not want to sit on his bike and wait for the light to change as it was a hot day. My second guess is that he wanted to get to the river and go sunbathing! I am not against motorcycle riders as 99 percent obey the traffic laws (but I do not like the law that OK’s lane-splitting. Good for you riders who obey the law. Be alert, drivers. There are others who feel they are above the law, and it could cost you or their lives. Ken Newman, Auburn