Off-road truck may end up in museum

Reader Input
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Trail users, you just woke up and realized you are in a nightmare, and it’s real (“Trail users file lawsuit,” Journal, July 18). Congratulations!
Where were you when the extreme, environmental lobbyists came after the loggers, farmers, pack trains, suction dredgers and other miners? Environmental studies starting in the 1970s have produced a crop of well-trained ideologues (blindly partisan advocate or adherent of a particular ideology) that have worked their way into prominent positions at all levels of government in agencies that are responsible for public lands.
The law has provided a never-ending supply of money to environmental attorneys who get paid whether they win or lose. Politicians fearing the label of “anti-environment” campaign ads take the safe road and go “with the environment.”
The most misused concept in government besides “entitlement” is “impact mitigation.” There is no such thing as 100 percent mitigation of any impact from human activity. However, compromise with the interest of industry and recreation is not acceptable.
Hunters are already under attack, and fishermen are trying to get a bill through to stop any and all restrictions on their favorite fishing grounds as they see the handwriting on the wall!
Even our governor tried to get a bill to stop all environmental challenges to his “train to nowhere” and was beaten back by environmentalists.
Wake up, folks. The Wild Life Project, while not a signed United Nations Treaty, is being implemented through the careful push of environmental groups and government zealots in the same camp! The goal is to push all human activity out of the wild and into the cities where they believe we belong.
If we don’t start pulling together, we will all be living in government-subsidized apartments in the big city, and Mr. Smith can park his cool truck in the museum of “things we used to do and once enjoyed.”
Demand congressional oversight of these agencies and withdraw their ability to implement rules without representative approval.
James Hutchings, Foresthill