Road users must show courtesy

Reader Input
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Bruce Bowman and other bicyclists everywhere (“Cyclist wants to know why,” Reader Input, Oct. 2): I may be over-reacting, or it could be that 98 percent of bicyclists give the rest a bad name, but on a road like Dog Bar Road, which is narrow, windy and above all designed only for automobile traffic, do you think you might want to cut the drivers there a bit of slack?
I’m not defending car drivers: at least one makes me angry every time I drive myself. But are bicyclists without fault as well? Let’s see, how many times have I seen one stop at the light on Placer Hills and Lake Arthur? Not once! How many times in the same place have I seen them carefully signal their intentions and yield to passing and oncoming vehicles, rather than impetuously dart out in front of cars which then have to jam on the brakes?
Again, not once. Indian Hill Road is another example: when does a group of bikes (whether going uphill or downhill) stay carefully to the side of the road and not ride side-by-side in the lanes? Never, in my experience!
I understand not all bike riders are like this. However, enough of a majority appear to be that I can seldom see one without my blood pressure going up. Two-wheeled and four-wheeled traffic could certainly both be much more courteous to one another on the road.
Adrian David Canfield, Auburn