The roads are built for cars

Reader Input
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Re: All the recent comments on local bicyclists. The bicyclists have their own lane so they should stay in it. Bicyclists are always complaining about how we don’t share the road. They don’t ever stop at stop signs! Even if there is no bike lane, they should stay off to the side as much as possible, and they should never ride side by side. I have even seen bicyclists fall because they were side by side and a car almost hit them. If there is no bike lane, the community should make the road bigger or paint the lines to make bike lanes. Bicyclists always complain about cars, but they are always in the way. The roads are built for cars. If they want a better route, they should fundraise or mountain bike. Mountain biking, in my opinion, is better for you for two reasons: you get fresh air instead of exhaust fumes and you or are in the forest or the mountains where it is picturesque. Jakob Tucker, student, Auburn