Roads rampant with rude riders

Reader Input
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I would like to address a problem which is increasingly becoming more dangerous on a daily basis. Some of the bicycle enthusiasts who are riding our rural county roads are becoming a nuisance, not to mention rude, arrogant and dangerous. There are many who are safe and courteous, like my two neighbors, the pilot and the UPS man (you know who you are). The rest … not so much. Recently, the Tour De Lincoln bicycle ride came up Wise Road and split to various other rural roads with varying levels of difficulty. I agree that our country roads are very pretty to ride along, as well as historically educational. However, our rural country roads are very dangerous to ride on. Blind corners, extremely narrow areas of road, steep hills, etc., all pose enough danger without the addition of some of the “self-important” bicycle enthusiasts. During Tour De Lincoln I was witness to many dangerous situations posed by our “two-wheel pilots.” Realizing our “aces of the roadway” have the right to use our roads to ride on, I tried to ignore many of the infractions I saw. However, they were too numerous to ignore, hence the letter I am writing today. It was difficult to leave my driveway and get on Wise Road that day, let alone get to my destination in a timely manner. In closing, let me say, don’t make me choose between my family’s safety and yours because you will lose! David D. Chaddock, Auburn