Rocklin city manager greedy

Reader Input
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Ben Bernanke, the chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, makes $199,750 a year. Our (Rocklin’s) city manager made $232,722.80 as of July 1, 2008 (Journal, April 1). I think that our city manager demonstrates the greed that is so prevalent amongst our city leaders. The fact that he was allowed to add his cell phone allowance and his auto allowance to be added to his salary to increase his retirement demonstrates the greed of Mr. (Carlos) Urrutia. Yes, it may be legal, and yes, it may be done by others, but it demonstrates a certain amount of disdain for the citizens of Rocklin. Pension spiking, as it’s called, proves that Mr. Urrutia’s only concern is himself. The citizens of Rocklin be damned! I don’t blame Urrutia for attempting to get as much as he can, but during this time of economic uncertainty and high unemployment, this type of behavior is unwarranted. The city council is at fault, as well. They were the ones who allowed this to take place. I’m sure they didn’t say to Carlos, “We think your salary is high enough.” No one in the private sector was getting raises like this over the same period of time. They were thinking about “saving” money for us. We, the citizens of Rocklin, are most to blame because this was done while we sat by and did nothing. The only thing we can do this coming election is to throw out as many of them as we can. Tom Kubicko, Rocklin