Rocklin council ignored mandate to serve citizens

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Rocklin council ignored mandate to serve citizens Rocklin’s City Council was chastised for its obsession with supporting development in Clover Valley (Measure H) to the detriment of supporting a park funding measure in the recent election (Measure J). It is shameful when elected officials ignore their mandate to work for the benefit of citizens and instead favor a profit-gouging, unnecessary egregious development. (The exact words in the Clover Valley staff report-project objectives: “Develop an economically viable project that provides a reasonable rate of return on investment for the landowner….” By guaranteeing rates of return for developers, Rocklin City Council takes risks out of land speculation at the expense of environmental impacts. Furthermore, even as Clover Valley’s developer made threats to sue the city, the Rocklin City Council didn’t bat an eye in approving an extension of the very development agreement that was close to expiring and relieved the city of such vulnerability. Instead of letting the development agreement expire and eliminating any lawsuit exposure, the city council voted to extend the agreement. One must wonder if they needed the lawsuit threat for fear mongering with their referendum campaign. They’ve got their lawsuits all right, but they’re filed by three different plaintiffs who took steps to right the wrong. When Rocklin’s elected officials refuse to listen to constituents, become obsessed with development at all costs, and/or refuse to obey the law, citizens are forced to resort to the courts for justice. Rocklin needs a city council that supports city parks and is visionary enough to support a Clover Valley historic nature preserve. Too bad the current Rocklin City Council is incapable of satisfying either need. Matt Marin Auburn