Rocklin has big job to do

Reader Input
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The recent article about the proposed sports complex (Journal, June 23) left me with questions. The (Rocklin) city manager said they are thrilled to be involved with brokering the deal to make this sports complex happen. He says this project is a win for the city even if it doesn’t work out as it will be a learning experience. Will that learning experience use taxpayer dollars, or time, that could be used for bringing back the arts, recreation, the Jubilee, or rehiring laid-off city workers? Do we have the luxury of spending time and money on this when the city is so desperately in need of filling the empty strip malls in Rocklin? In last week’s edition, one of the stories said that (Rocklin City Councilman Scott) Yuill and a member of the chamber are going to join a committee to facilitate the building of a new arena for the Kings in Sacramento. They say there may be some trickle-down benefit for Rocklin in the future from this effort. Our politicians still don’t get that we want them to concentrate on building the tax base in Rocklin. This huge problem needs every bit of the council and the chamber’s attention. Rocklin’s problems come first, not the multi-millionaire Maloofs’ desire for a bigger venue for their team. There is a serious disconnect between the need for redevelopment efforts in Rocklin and this desire to be a bigger fish in Placer County politics. Janet Dunlap, Rocklin