Roll back the Bush tax cuts

Reader Input
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Back in the (Bill) Clinton days, before the “Bush era tax cuts” as they’re called, we had a budget surplus and were actually reducing the amount of our national debt. Now we are going the other way at an alarming rate. I agree the government needs to be limited in many areas, especially defense spending. We have squandered nearly $1.5 trillion on the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and now Libya, for what? Meanwhile, we have cut taxes on the top brackets of income to supposedly stimulate the economy and create jobs. Well, where are the jobs? What are the top 1 percent doing to help the country with all their extra money? Apparently, nothing! Now, with the refusal to even consider rolling back those tax cuts as part of the debt ceiling legislation, we are putting the burden of this fiscal mismanagement squarely on the backs of the middle class and the poor. One interesting point: The largest portion of the debt accrued in the last 10 years was caused by the loss of revenue from the Bush tax cuts. They have cost us an additional $3 trillion in debt as of this writing. Add in the wars and you have almost $5 trillion. Now we are also threatened with a reduction in our nation’s credit rating, which will, in effect, push another “tax hike” on everyone by raising interest rates. This is wrong. Even to those who have a staunch opposition to any tax increases, rolling back the Bush tax cuts is not an increase, it is correcting a mistake. We simply cannot run this country without more help from the top. Trickle-down, supply side, whatever you call it, does not work. Encourage your legislators to do the right thing and, along with needed spending reductions, roll back the Bush tax cuts. It’s the right thing to do to get our country back on track. Norm Hinman, Auburn