Romney is not the right choice

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During a very contentious presidential campaign we have been given a window in how important character is in choosing the president. Do we seriously want a person who doesn’t seem to know what his beliefs are on a regular basis, i.e. health care, women’s health issues, mandates — I could go on. How about a president who looks at 47 percent of the population (including I imagine many of the tea partiers and true blue republicans reading this) as parasites? Do we want a president with a secretive tax return who insists its not the people’s concern? Do we want a president that has allowed himself to be forced into positions he is against, just to pander to a miniscule portion of the electorate, i.e. the Ryan budget, Romneycare. How about a president who shoots first, then takes aim (Libya). These reasons are just a few that inform this voter that Mr. Romney doesn’t have the character to be president. Bill LaFlaur, Auburn