Romney stoops to conquer

Reader Input
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Mitt Romney has the best chance of defeating President Obama, so the reasoning goes. Here’s what you’ll get. For months every aspect of his outer demeanor and persona have been dissected and showcased. His inner intentions are still a closed book. Mr. Romney, who used to sound like a moderate on the issues of immigration, gays and abortion, has dropped all pretenses. Call a spade a spade: Mitt Romney has gravitated toward and now panders to the extreme segments of society in an all-consuming chase to win votes. This is more telling of the man. Mitt says he will veto the Dream Act, and fore-swears he will repeal the nation’s new Affordable Care Act, his first day in office as president. Positive moves, Mr. President. America would be going down a dark path with Mitt Romney as president. Ron Lowe, Nevada City