Roof sprinklers offer fire aid

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With the tragedy of the devastating fire last week in mind, I would like to remind the foothill community about the idea of installing a “Rain-Bird” type sprinkler on the roof. They can disperse water in an 80-foot-plus diameter, which will usually cover the entire roof and surrounding foliage. Either a flat metal stand or the metal field irrigation tripods with hose attachments can be put on the roof connected to a garden hose, PVC or galvanized pipe. No system is perfect, but even a half-hour of time wetting a roof and surrounding area might help in an approaching fire. I realize that the heartbreaking fire of Aug. 30 was traveling so fast, that most had no time for structural protection. But those of us who live between two river canyons and have the advantage of gravity flow irrigation water can hope that wetting the roof will be a help in the event of a wind-blown crown fire. If faced with the occurrence of mandatory evacuation, I hope to be able to activate the system. With continued prayer for the fire victims, Lynne Sutter, Eden Valley