RV park up for sale

Seller, county want more mobile homes to move in
By: Jenifer Gee Journal News Editor
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The Bowman RV Park is on the market and comes with a $1.3 million price tag. Earlier this week, some residents were left wondering what happened to the RVs and mobile homes that had filled the park for upward of 20 years. The now-empty land on Bowman Road near Interstate 80 is waiting for a buyer, according to broker Tim Reuter. Reuter said he’s been working on behalf of the park owner to maintain the Placer County sewer and water rights already covered under the property’s permit. “We want to retain everything we can,” Reuter said. “We believe after looking at all of the different housing-affordability possibilities that the mobile home park is still, in our opinion, the best scenario.” Gerry Haas, associate planner with the Placer County Planning Department, agreed, adding that the park’s still-valid use permit allows for mobile homes in the front of the space and RVs to sit in the back. “There is a valid use permit for a mobile home park and the planning department agrees that’s a great use for the site,” Haas said. “It’s already entitled to that and there’s a need for a mobile home park in the area.” Haas said that the land the park sits on is zoned for residential and multi-family use. He said that if the land were to be used for any other type of development, the buyer would have to have it rezoned. “That would be a pretty big deal,” Haas said. Reuter said the park’s owners started moving out mobile homes as the 24 home and 14 RV spaces became available. “It took a long time,” Reuter said. “They didn’t just start kicking people out. It was over a long process.” Earlier this week, Bowman area resident Norma Ferris has said she noticed the missing units she had been accustomed to seeing for the past 20 years. On Thursday, Ferris said she thinks keeping the space as a mobile home park is a “fabulous” idea. “I think that would be a great thing,” Ferris said. “As a mobile home park it doesn’t bother anyone and it’s more of an asset I think to the local population.” Jenifer Gee can be reached at