Sacramento woman arrested on drug charge after canal spill

Saffold making noises, flailing arms and head, renter says
By: Bridget Jones, Journal Staff Writer
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A Sacramento woman is headed toward jail on a drug charge after falling into an Auburn canal Tuesday afternoon. Teresa Saffold, who police on the scene estimated to be about 40, was taken to Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital after Auburn fire fighters pulled her from a canal at Brook Road and Shields Avenue. Officer Brent Froberg, with the Auburn Police Department, said the call came in at 3:07 p.m. “She took drugs and somehow ended up here, and she was lying on the ground,” Froberg said. “And one of the neighbors called in.” Froberg said Saffold was showing signs of being high on methamphetamine, and officers couldn’t understand what she was saying when they arrived. “She was talking in tongues,” Froberg said. “She said she was crazy. That is usually what happens, methamphetamine takes over the mind as well as the body, and it makes people crazy.” Froberg said Saffold was expected to be booked on a charge of possession of drugs after she had been medically cleared. Froberg said the Ford Ranger Saffold drove to the scene was registered to a man in Carmichael. Because the neighbor who witnessed Saffold fall into the canal didn’t see her drive the truck, officers didn’t charge her with driving under the influence, Froberg said. The truck was towed from the scene after Saffold was taken to the hospital. Saffold didn’t appear to have any injuries after being pulled from the canal, which had about two feet of water in it, Froberg said. Gary Keeler, who lives in Foresthill, but rents a garage next to the canal, made the call to police. Keeler said he had just returned from running errands and was sitting under a tree on the property when he heard a car down shut. He said he didn’t pay much attention at first, because people frequently fish in the area. “Pretty quick the gal comes up making weird noises and flailing her arms and her head,” Keeler said. Keeler said he couldn’t understand anything Saffold was saying, except for swear words. “All she did was make noises,” he said. “I asked her if I could help her, and she didn’t say anything.” Saffold then fell into a ditch next to a pipe that runs over the canal, and Keeler said he wasn’t sure if he should approach her because of the way she was acting. “When I was on the phone with the dispatcher, she did fall in (the canal),” he said. Keeler said he then tried to help Saffold out of the water, but she wasn’t cooperating. When officers arrived, Saffold walked through the water toward them, Keeler said. Froberg said Saffold was in the canal for about five minutes. Froberg said if someone laid down in the canal, the water might move them. Reach Bridget Jones at