Sacrifice can keep our nation great

Reader Input
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On the anniversary of 9/11 I am full of pride in our nation and the sacrifice of so many people 10 years ago today. At that time we were under attack from an outside group with hate and envy in their hearts. At this point in time we are under attack from an internal bookkeeping disaster. Our country needs so much and we have spent more than we have been bringing in. My husband and I, who are both on Social Security and have been frugal enough to be comfortable in our well-earned retirement, would still gladly pay more taxes if it meant that people could go back to work, improve our crumbling infrastructure, be able to purchase homes and contribute to our economy. Sacrifice by those on 9/11 and by our troops moves me to tears and I can’t understand why so many people who have so much are not willing to sacrifice a bit of their fortune by paying just a little more in taxes. If we don’t have more revenue to rebuild our infrastructure (and improve our power grid), then the terrorists have won. We are the greatest country on earth and I would hate to see us go down because of some “no more taxes” philosophy. I am willing to sacrifice today because I love our country and every one of us who are fortunate enough to live here. Karen Bleuel, Auburn