Saints scandal shames fan

Reader Input
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I am a football fan, and for as long as they?ve existed, I have been a fan of the New Orleans Saints. Yes, I am a New Orleans native, having moved to Auburn after losing my home to the devastating Hurricane Katrina. When the Saints won their first Super Bowl, I actually cried ? tears of joy and pride. My former city and its residents had lost so much, we were without hope and joy for a very long time. The Saints gave us something to rally around. We could, for a few brief moments, forget all the misery. We were proud and happy. We figured that if our beloved Saints could win the Super Bowl, then we, too, could get it together and move forward in our lives. So, can you imagine my utter horror to learn that my team, whom I looked to for inspiration, is now accused of cheating by spying on their opponents? To say that I am disappointed is an understatement. The pride I felt is now replaced by shame and embarrassment. I cannot believe that they could stoop so low as to cheat. What kind of message does this convey ? that as long as you win, it?s OK to cheat? I know there are far more important issues going on in this crazy world, but, for those of us who lived through Katrina, this is like a punch in the gut. I can no longer support an organization that believes cheating is OK. I am hoping that anyone connected to this scandal is banned from football for life. Donna McCloskey, Auburn