Sally Palmer Dawley: Behind the Signature

By: Anne Papineau
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A visit with the Journal’s frequent letter contributors. Lives in: Downtown Auburn, “I’m a city girl now.” Dawley’s been a horse person since age 12, active in 4H. Her last horse lived to age 30, and her daughter is also horse-oriented. Job: “I’ve had several careers,” observes Dawley. “My sister and I?used to work with my dad in construction in the early ’70s, and we took construction at Sierra College, where we learned to frame houses. We were laughed at because we used nailing guns. Now, when you go out on a job it’s like a shooting range.” She performs janitorial work, used to drive a school bus and has several jobs caring for the elderly. Individuality: Dawley is a breast cancer survivor, drives a gray pickup with signs in the window and has a collection of T-shirts with sayings like“I survived Streetscape No. 1” and “I’m a plumber’s daughter; I know IT happens.” Writing to the Journal: “I write in longhand. I don’t have a computer for letters. My computer is for writing poetry and stories. I need to get my 2 cents in.” Most recent letter: “Loss of Gilbert Ortega inspires poem,” Sept. 8 ~ Anne Papineau