Salvation Army ‘veteran’ glad to give

Gift of Giving
By: Gus Thomson
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Editor's note: This is the 10th in a series of 12 stories on volunteers in our community. The stories will be published as a countdown to the holiday, in honor of the 12 days of Christmas. -------------------------- Angela Atteberry heads the organization of the annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner with her husband, George, and is a member of the Salvation Army advisory council in Auburn. This Thanksgiving Day, volunteers prepared meals for 1,500. Q: What does the Salvation Army do? A: We try to help those in the community in any way possible, whether it’s food, shelter, utilities, medical needs or spiritual help. Q: Why do you volunteer? A: Because, as a person who loves Jesus Christ, I believe he puts it on my heart to do his will. Part of his will is to love other people and help them. It’s all about compassion. Q: What are the highlights or challenges to volunteering? A: Dealing with all the different personalities – from people used to doing things a certain way to others who are new and may not know how to do something but have the enthusiasm. What we see is an all-round emotion of thankfulness. Q: What do you do when you’re not volunteering? A: My husband is a civil engineer in Auburn and I do the administrative part. I’m also very involved in the garden at Dr. Virgil Traynor’s place. All the produce goes to the Salvation Army. It’s a means of providing people with good organic produce. I’m a Rotary member. I’m also coming onto the board of the Auburn Community Cancer Endowment Fund. Q: How can people volunteer their time and money? A: The work continues year-round and I’ve found that it’s nice to live in a community where it doesn’t take a crisis to be generous. The Salvation Army is located at 286 Sutter St. in Auburn. The phone number is (530) 889-3990.