Salvation Army is a charity

Reader Input
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On behalf of Parkside Church of the Nazarene, I am responding to a letter appearing in the Sept. 22 Auburn Journal. Under the heading, “Helping 49 Fire victims is charity,” one of your readers described an experience in which they brought a clothing donation for fire victims to Parkside. The donor’s letter to the Journal describes Parkside as being “concerned about the Salvation Army store ‘charging’ the fire victims for needed items that people all over the area are donating.” The donor’s letter to the Journal, though well-intentioned, is misguided regarding the Salvation Army’s operating methods and also misrepresents Parkside Church. Through private donations of cash, clothing, furniture and other items, the Salvation Army provides services to fire and other disaster victims. These services include emergency shelter, cleanup, and clothing, as well as emotional and spiritual support, and are provided free of charge to victims. For the benefit of all who read the Sept. 22 letter, the Salvation Army is not a “money-making venture,” and Parkside Church considers the local chapter a partner in ministry to the Auburn area. Larry Finney, Parkside Church of the Nazarene, Auburn