Sanity testing called for

Reader Input
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Wow! Donna O’Neal’s attack on Shirley Pooley: “Torture shames our nation,” (Reader Input, June 12), has left me reeling and now pondering my own sanity. I don’t recall the full content of Ms. Pooley’s letter, as I too, am “in my dotage.” So far, my head is still void of juvenile exaggeration, and my children have not yet suggested a caretaker. I keep up with national news via newspapers and public radio ... and, I happen to agree with Ms. Pooley on the subject of “torture.” Does this make me a “spineless liberal?” In the reading of Ms. O’Neal’s letter, I do not assume that she is a right-wing lunatic, but I am willing to have a sanity test, if she will. FRANCES L. SMITH, Auburn