Sarah Palin is a media tease

Reader Input
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My husband, daughter and I all had a good laugh reading Nordyne (Dee) Nann’s letter about “Palin makes perfect sense,” (Reader Input, June 9). I imagine that’s one of the reasons your editor published it. Sadly, her letter illustrates how Palin supporters live in a world of fear and ignorance. They live in fear of other cultures, fear of other religious beliefs, fear of “protecting our own”, and most of all, just fear of change. Earth to Palin supporters —we live in a multicultural country and a global economy, and unless you want to be ruled by religious fanatics like the Taliban or Saudi clerics, we are not going back in time! I know you all think the 1950s were idyllic with white male rule, submissive females and legalized racism, but most of society has moved past that. Intelligent people value facts and don’t mangle history to fit their agenda. I’m all for strong women but Sarah Palin is a Republican Barbie doll and media tease. She belongs on a talk show, not in serious politics. Sherry Lewis, Newcastle