Save LED billboard for Las Vegas

Reader Input
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The Auburn City Council wants to do what — erect a $60,000 LED billboard, with its garish blues, oranges, yellows and greens flashing on and off with those annoying CNN-type scrollbars (Journal, Feb. 15)? We already have a billboard (an old-fashioned one) at the Maple Street exit. Look at any website or printed pamphlet that advertises Auburn and what do you see? Photos of the historic Auburn Courthouse (1898), the historic State Theatre (1930), the Placer High School building on Agard Street (1926), Old Town buildings (late 1800s), the Claude Chana gold discovery statue (1848). These are the icons that identify our town for what it is, a historic Gold Rush town nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. And what kind of California pleasures and treasures can you find in Auburn? A Saturday farmers’ market for Placer-grown fruits and vegetables, spring and fall antique fairs, country Christmas celebrations, the arts and endurance events. While it is wise to use the redevelopment money before the funds are removed, there are better uses for it. Do what you can on Phase II of the Streetscape and repair the sidewalks between the State Theatre and Pine Street (this is the Endurance Capital of the World, remember? We like to walk — safely). Fix the drainage of the streetfront parking in that same area. Or come up with some other way of using the funds that benefits the citizens of Auburn better than a garish, distracting LED billboard. City council members, please don’t replicate the Roseville Auto Mall experience for us, and don’t turn our historic foothill town into a Disney World Tomorrowland, or a miniature Las Vegas. That LED billboard doesn’t quite go with our local heritage, does it? NAOMI EGGENSCHWEILER, Auburn