Saw paradise, but no Harold Camping

Reader Input
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It amazes me how many Christian ministers there are out there who don’t understand what they read in the Bible, or maybe just don’t read it much. My Norwegian-born grandmother was a Bible scholar better than a lot of them, and I owe to her a lot of what I know. If Harold Camping read the whole Bible and understood what he was reading, he would know that there is a great war prophesied in Ezekiel 38 and 39 that hasn’t happened yet. The entire Arab world is going to go up against Israel, accompanied by “the tribes from the north” (NATO, the UN, Russia, the Balkan Muslims?), a huge army of which only one out of six will live to return home. And it says that the fires from their chariots will burn for seven years, and that people will travel around, rather than go through, that Valley of Death where their army was annihilated (sounds a bit nuclear-radioactive to me). So that means that there’s at least seven more years left in this old Earth after that great war happens, which it hasn’t yet. Of course, there’s another possibility: Maybe Judgment Day really did happen last Saturday, and neither Harold Camping nor any of his followers were good enough to go. As for me, I decided to spend Saturday in Paradise, and go run the Silver State 50 mile-run on that big volcanic mountain that overlooks Reno from the northwest. I got serenaded by meadow larks and mockingbirds throughout the early morning, entertained by bush bunnies and quail and friendly aid station volunteers throughout the midday, and in the late afternoon got joined by an entertaining couple of sweep-runners because I was old, slow and dead last, as we laughed and chatted and descended back down through the Holy Sanctuary of God’s green (and yellow and blue) Earth, serenaded by meadowlarks and mockingbirds. It was paradise. And Harold Camping wasn’t anywhere to be found. Gordon Ainsleigh, Meadow Vista