Scammers trolled for Auburn victim

Reader Input
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I was advised to let people know that I was the subject of a scam ... but I didn’t fall for it. Someone representing himself as being from the Publisher’s Clearing House prize team called and told me that I was the winner of a $250,000 prize. All I had to do was to send $750 to someone in the IRS by Western Union. They even gave me the option of getting a “private” check or a public check. The private one was going to be done with the newspaper and a TV camera there, the public one would have multiple news media and balloons and the whole works. I “chose” the whole works as witnesses, then I started asking questions. They gave me the name of an Eric Adams in the IRS that I was to send the money to, then I was to call the guy I was talking to, John Brazinski. (After) a call and the prize van would come to our house and present the check to us. They would then follow us to the bank to deposit the check and get through some paperwork. I wasn’t to lose the receipt for the Western Union as it would be proof that I had sent the money to the IRS. I then notified the Publisher’s Clearing House at 1-800-645-9242 of the call and they told me that no one is ever asked to send money to anyone when they win a prize, so, please, do not fall for this. Call the Publisher’s Clearing House and notify them, as well as the National Fraud Hotline at and report them. Good luck to all of you. I sure could have used the money, also. Don’t fall for this. Marti Mageneheimer, Auburn