Scapegoating educators wrong

Reader Input
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We were saddened by the front page article in the Auburn Journal (Aug. 18), on the first day of school, no less, re: administrator pensions for educators in Placer County. I don’t believe the folks who criticize a pension scale that has been in place for years are aware of the level of commitment it takes to educate our children. The people highlighted (dare I say scapegoated?) in the article have spent decades serving our community for much less compensation than they might have received in the private sector for the experience and professional degrees they racked up. One can easily argue that there is no job as important to a society than educating the next generation.  While the inequitable distribution of wealth in our society is a worthwhile discussion, scapegoating educators for their pensions is both a distraction and a poor attempt at “cleaning house.” Tracy and Brad Kearns, Auburn