Scary to see Republican Party hijacked

Reader Input
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Re: “Recovering Republican weary of promise-breakers,” (Looking Behind the Scenes, Aug. 28): From a former Republican to a recovering Republican: I find Mr. (Jim) Ruffalo’s recent article regarding compromise between the legislative and executive branches particularly interesting and revealing. His “all one hears is we need to compromise” lament paints this situation as a rare ideal that is totally one-sided and coming from a president who would “throw his own party under the Made in Canada bus.” In reality, the compromise issue has always been an assumed process in a democracy, which best represents the electorate. It didn’t need to be stated and emphasized, until the Grover Norquist “Band of Brothers” (tea party zealots) minority shoved it down our throats, which should become the death knell for their movement in the next election. These people continue their self immolation by revising a history that never did exist. People like (Texas) Gov. (Rick) Perry, Jim DeMint, Eric Cantor etc. have successfully hijacked the mainstream Republican Party, which is scary. Geary C. Tiffany, Auburn