School dress codes wear well locally

By: Julie Eng, Journal Correspondent
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For many young people today, when it comes to clothes, less fabric is more fashionable. Teachers and administrators have been battling rising hemlines and sagging pants for the past several years, and the resulting ever-changing dress codes have left students and their parents wondering, what is appropriate to wear to school? Locally, dress codes haven’t been too much of a problem, for students or the administration. According to David Horsey, Placer Union High School District superintendent, students at area high schools have adhered to dress codes, which has allowed for somewhat lenient rules. “Dress codes really have not been a hard issue for us,” Horsey said. “Our students are pretty respectful of the dress codes.” Horsey describes the short list of prohibited items as gang paraphernalia and pieces of clothing “distracting” to students, including bare midriffs and visible undergarments. In addition, student handbooks for Placer High School, Del Oro High School and Foresthill High School prohibit clothing advertising drugs, alcohol or tobacco products and strapless shirts. Punishment for violating the dress code varies from school to school. Auburn-area students interviewed Downtown on Thursday agreed with Horsey, finding the guidelines outlined in the handbook reasonable. Placer High School senior Sarah Schell has never been in trouble for dress code violation herself, but has seen her fellow students reprimanded for wearing bandannas, which qualify as gang related. “I guess it’s fair,” Schell said. “I mean, we’re in Auburn, there’s no Bloods or Crips.” Overall, Schell said, she and her fellow students find the Placer High School dress code to be fair. “It basically says you can’t look like a hooch,” she said. “But the girls here are pretty respectful. It isn’t a problem.” Rocklin High School senior Lance Bernaix said he found his school’s dress code fair as well, though if it were up to him he’d add a few slight modifications. “I think hats should be allowed to be worn during school,” Bernaix said. “I don’t think wearing a hat is disrespectful.”