Schools not bargain basement item

Reader Input
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A letter by Ellen Stephens (“Ingenuity will help schools,” Reader Input, Nov. 24) portrays the mindset of many in this area who demand a high quality of life but seem to be unwilling pay for it. I enjoy a bargain as much as the next person. But I know that in some cases if you want a high-quality product you will not find it at the bargain basement; you must be willing to pay a little more. Are our children not worth a high-quality education? We will not get it by bake sales and car washes. Also, is Ellen oblivious to the multitude of such activities that takes place already? I lose track of how many nice kids come to my door selling magazines or asking support for a jog-a-thon. How can she go out on a Sunday and not see the cheerleaders or sports teams washing cars on (Highway) 49, or not be aware of the Sees candy bars on sale in so many stores? I know many teachers and every one of them spends considerable sums out of their own pockets for classroom supplies. There are wasteful government programs, to be sure, but from what I see Auburn schools are not among them. I do have a suggestion. Why not have candy sales and talent shows to pay the huge salaries of our county executive (Tom Miller), of Supervisor (Kirk) Uhler’s wife, of our $100,000-plus county information officer — and let the tax dollars for their salaries go to support our schools. How’s that for American ingenuity? LARRY SMITH, Auburn