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Scientific study proves importance of supplements

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Researchers at Creighton University in Omaha, Neb., selected 1,179 post-menopausal women living in rural eastern Nebraska, free of cancer for at least 10 years, and willing to take vitamin and mineral pills each day for four years. They randomly divided these women into three groups: one got 1,100 IU of vitamin D and 1,500 mg of calcium per day. The second group got fake vitamin D and real calcium. The third group got fake vitamin D and fake calcium. Then the researcher watched for cancer to appear. It took a year for the full effect of the supplements to show, but during years two, three and four, the women who took both the high dose vitamin D and calcium had 77 percent less cancer diagnosed than the women who took fake pills mimicking those nutrients. Robert Heaney, the senior researcher in this study, recommends 2,000 IU of vitamin D per day for both men and women We all have to die sooner or later of something, but if you’d rather die later than sooner, and rather die of something less miserable than cancer, give the high-dose vitamin D and calcium a try. Dr. H. Gordon Ainsleigh, D.C. Meadow Vista