Scratcher ticket nets car for Alta woman

By: Julie Eng, Journal Correspondent
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Tanya Worrell of Alta never imagined buying one lottery ticket scratcher would lead her to Los Angeles and a new car. “I didn’t think I’d win anything that big,” Worrell said. “It was like a party in the parking lot after I bought it.” After uncovering the words “TV SHOW” three times on her ticket, Worrell, her family, and her brother flew down to Los Angeles to be a contestant on the California Lottery game show “Make Me a Millionaire.” “My husband and I had decided when we went out that we would make a vacation of it and go to Disneyland,” she said. “But Disneyland was a lot more fun after winning a car.” Worrell said that at first being on TV was nerve-wracking, but that once she was on the stage she couldn’t even see the audience. The show involves 12 players, each guaranteed to win at least $2,000, playing a variety of games to earn their cash. Worrell was randomly selected for the “Lucky Penny” game, which gives contestants the chance to win a new car. A spinning wheel determined the number of her original nine pennies Worrell gained or lost each round. In the end she was one of two contestants with one penny left, which won her the car. Though she hasn’t received the Honda Insight Hybrid yet, she expects to soon. She and her family have yet to determine if the car will be a family vehicle, or if Worrell will get to drive around in her winnings. While some people she knows used to think the show was staged, Worrell says her luck made them believers. “Now a lot of our friends are going out and buying lottery tickets on a daily basis,” she said.