Scrutinize your tax bill

Reader Input
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Re: Newcastle Fire District. Measure K only needs a 50 percent-plus-one approval to pass. Measure K is a tax reduction. It removes the automatic annual CPI cost of living increases that were passed in Measure B this past March. Measure K continues the new tax passed in Measure B for three years, which will generate $840,000 in new revenue to the district. After three years the tax increase of $146.46 that was passed in Measure B will be reduced to $30 per taxable parcel which will continue to generate $57,000 in new revenue, per year, to the district. The proponents of Measure K feel this is a reasonable amount to repair or replace the current fire station and to increase the firefighters’ pay and provide benefits. The debate is: Does Newcastle Fire District need a new 8,000-square-foot firehouse or something of much more modest means? Whatever is built will not increase response times or deter a response from other agencies. San Diego recently rejected a tax increase, a ballot initiative, by a vote of 51 percent. It went to court and the court upheld the rejection because it was not a tax increase. My current portion of property taxes that are paid to Newcastle Fire District is $400.24 and it will increase every year. What does your tax bill show? RICHARD MOLZAHN, Newcastle