SCUM radio broadcasts a new tune at Sierra College

Shows include old-time radio re-enactments and satirical comedy
By: Sara Seyydin Journal Staff Writer
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From a small, underground studio at Sierra College, the voices of passionate students are being broadcast to resonate with the world.
Despite being called SCUM Radio, or Sierra College Underground Media, its goal is to be some of the best sounds listeners hear all day.
With minimal resources, a handful of committed students and a zealous communication professor, they have created a diverse line-up of shows that are already available to stream online.
Students in Nicholas Zoffel?s communication courses found that after some hands-on projects they wanted even more outlets for media.
?Some of the students where like, ?I want to do more with this media stuff,?? Zoffel said. ??What else can we do with it???
Out of that quandary sprang the idea for a radio station. Each show is as diverse as its student hosts.
For Zoffel, who earned a PhD in communication; it all comes down to teaching his students how to tell a story. While they may go onto to learn even more technical skills after they transfer, conveying the nuances of a story is a critical component to media, he added.
On Sara Olsen?s show Fem-Filter she explores what it really means to be a feminist in college. Another show of hers, Tales of Yesteryear, features reenactments of popular radio programs from radio?s golden era. She is working with the theater club to recruit actors and narrators.
?I found a bunch of old radio scripts,? Olsen said. ?They don?t have copyrights anymore. We?re going to be doing the plays like they did back in the day. Some are almost 100 years old and they still hold up.?
Student Lexi Crump?s show Not My Problem is an eclectic, but organized, mix of satire, issues in the media and guest interviews. A new episode is recorded and aired each Thursday.
Thursday she interviewed Jason Harper, an ultra runner who co-founded the organization Run it Forward. The organization aims to use running as a platform to raise funds to meet the needs of students in underserved schools. Recently it gathered a team of runners to run different segments across Route 66 as a fundraiser.
?I have been listening to podcasts before I even started this,? Crump said. ?I want the podcast to be everything that embodies me.?
Some of her passions that shine through are rock music, comedy and a focus on what?s relevant to the community.
For people who enjoy starting their day, or afternoon for that matter, with a laugh, Tim and Jake?s Morning Show: All Day Long, provides a comedic morning show format, available to podcast anytime.
Recently, host Jake Bangert and Tim Garrison compiled a list of their all-time best baseball players from childhood movies like the Sandlot and created the perfect fantasty baseball team.
Rick Kilton, president of Sierra College Underground Media, has chosen to focus more on the business aspects of the station. He said streaming the show through podcasts is perfect for students or anyone on-the-go.
?I DVR everything on TV because it fits into my time,? Kilton said. ?You don?t have to be there at that time in order to listen.?
So far the group has used a small room at the college and a barebones amount of equipment that was donated to start the station.
They are hoping to get additional equipment so that the shows can be streamed live in real-time and they can broaden the station?s music offerings.
Olsen said she hopes the addition of a radio station will help to enhance Sierra College?s offerings in media and be a draw for people to attend.
?We?ve become a hub not only for the campus, but for the community,? Olsen said.
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