Second-graders see ultrasound

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A group of Skyridge Elementary students got a lesson in life Thursday. More than 60 second-graders touring Sutter Auburn Faith hospital had a chance to see an ultrasound in progress. Dr. Phillip Kintner, an OB/GYN with Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital, showed students various parts of the baby’s body while conducting an ultrasound on Heidi Dart of Colfax. Dart, who is pregnant with her third son, said she was excited to participate. "It’s educational," Dart said. "It teaches something that they usually don’t learn about at this time in their lives, how babies look when they’re inside the womb and how they’re protected and safe while they grow." The tour was an ongoing part of Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital’s effort to educate students through the Sutter Hospital Outreach Project, which teaches health and safety in second-grade classes. This is the first time tours of the hospital have included an ultrasound viewing. Kintner said this part of the project is a fulfilling way to educate children. "When I was growing up, we didn’t have the opportunity to do this, and this is probably something that these children will remember for a long time, if not the rest of their lives," Kintner said. "It’s a unique experience for them. Instead of watching it on TV or in a video game, they tie the baby into being inside an actual person who is here talking to them while they see the baby move and kick. To see the expressions on these kids’ faces was just incredible." ~Staff report