Seeing no signs of a bailout

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What happened to our bailout? Let’s get things straight. We don’t want a handout! In January I will have my sixth surgery since 2003. This one is my second major spine surgery. Yet I must stress over not being able to pay basic utilities. Now why must this be? California disability and retirement laws. State Comp. owes me $60,000 and they pay $185 a week. This does next to nothing for the massive auto repairs, household bills and other expenses. In January 2006 I had to quit my job of 25 years. My next retirement check in July will just cover some credit cards. Until then I will be recovering from surgery. Well anyway, “Merry Christmas” to all our friends and fantastic business people we deal with here in Auburn. If I survive the surgery, I will write often. There are many issues to be addressed here, in Auburn. Please say no to drugs, kids. GARY BELDNER and FAMILY, Auburn