Select letters more carefully

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I was sad to happen across the incredibly spiteful and mindless letter by Mike Michaelsen (“Vote Obama vote Stupid”) in Thursday’s Journal, for it reminded me of why I ended my subscription some time ago. The purpose of the editorial pages and letters is to provide new information or insight and hopefully raise the level of public discourse. Letter like those of Mr. Michaelsen accomplish nothing of the sort. Allowing the most small-minded and ill-informed people to attack their usual bogeymen and repeat their own prejudices in such an offensive manner does not enhance civility or enlighten our understanding of the issues. It only cheapens the debate. For Placer County’s leading local paper to publish such letters is an insult to the intelligence of many of our citizens/potential readers and serves as an embarrassment to our fair city throughout the region. On the other hand, many thoughtful people who may not have made up their minds yet might well be more inclined to support Mr. Obama if they believe that Mr. Romney’s constituents are made up by the Mike Michaelsens. Larry Smith, Auburn