Self-contained suites are salon wave of the future

Stylists operate individual businesses
By: Gloria Young Journal Staff Writer
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Kerry Arndt, owner of Old Town Auburn’s Kerry Terese Salon, is introducing a new option for local hairdressers. Her Studio 49 Salon Suites are individual, self-contained spaces that give stylists a more personalized way to operate their own business.
“This is the wave of the future,” she said. “There are five or six opening in Roseville.”
Typically, stylists rent chair space in a salon, where they share facilities with other members of the staff. In a salon suite concept, they rent a private room that they lock when not in use.
“All they have to do is pay the rent and take care of clients,” Arndt said.
Among the benefits are setting their own schedule and prices, control over inventory and eliminating theft. They also can retail their own products and keep the profits.
“That’s huge,” Arndt said.
The suites are located in a refurbished building in Old Town, not far from Arndt’s salon, which has been open six years and has a staff of eight.
“Since I already have a location in Old Town, this space was perfect for me to test the waters with this concept,” she said. “I love Old Town.”
There are two 10-by-12-foot single rooms and one double room. They are equipped so that each stylist has a wash station, dry station and style station. Rents range from $165 to $195 a week and include electricity and towel service. There’s also a seating area for clients and a restroom.
“When I saw them opening up in Roseville, I started looking at it,” she said. “It is ideal for a motivated stylist.”
After she identified the site, Arndt took the lead in remodeling it, even creating the modern art paintings that hang on the walls of the reception area.
“The fun part was being able to design the rooms. I’d never done that,” she said. “So to be able to take 700 square feet and make it into rooms that fully accommodate the needs of the stylists and their clients was exciting.”
The builder was Carlos Sanchez and Arndt’s husband, Steve, also helped.
Stylists can decorate their rooms to suit their taste.
“They are completely independent. It is their salon room. It is their business,” Arndt said. “A lot of successful hairdressers end up branching out and opening their own salon. This is for people who want their own business but don’t want the overhead.”
The concept made a lot of sense for stylist and color specialist Brian Greco, who is renting half of the double room.
“No. 1 is the fact you are your own boss and can make decisions for yourself,” he said. “You have the ability to work your own hours and do your own thing and you have the retail products you want to have.”
His clients like it, too.
“They’ve really enjoyed it and really like the privacy of not listening to a lot of other people,” he said. “They kind of appreciate that. It’s a little more relaxed — a little quieter.”
Greco, who previously lived in the Bay Area and worked at quite a few large salons, prefers the more intimate setting.
“You feel right at home and very comfortable. It’s not pretentious. It’s very calming,” he said.
Arndt credits her success to her willingness to “put yourself out there and try.”
“You’ll have no idea what you could have succeeded at if you don’t take a risk and try,” she said. “One of my paintings is called “Carpe Diem” — seize the day — and it is something I 100 percent believe in.”
Her faith also keeps her strong.
“I am a 100 percent believer in God and give him 100 percent of the credit for everything, “she said.
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