Senate needs to take action

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When it comes to our energy future, senators need to choose between siding with the Big Oil companies who have been blocking reform for decades and standing with the majority of Americans who want comprehensive energy and climate policies. With the largest environmental catastrophe in our nation’s history unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico, it is critically important that the Senate passes a strong comprehensive climate and energy bill this summer that caps harmful carbon pollution and invests in clean American power. It is clear that our dependence on oil be it from hostile nations or friendly coasts hurts our economy, threatens our national security and harms our environment. By transitioning to a clean energy future, we can create millions of new jobs, reduce our dangerous addiction to oil and protect the planet for future generations. An essential component of any legislation is a strong cap on carbon, which will make polluters pay their fair share and spur innovation and private investment in clean energy technologies. This bill must include expanded measures to respond to the Gulf disaster, while investing in transportation infrastructure in a way that will reduce oil use and carbon pollution. Every day the Senate fails to pass comprehensive energy and climate legislation we put our economy, our national security, and our environment at risk. Matthew Conti, Lincoln