Send ABC packing

Reader Input
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What do the cities of Auburn, Redding, Elk Grove, Colusa, Rancho Palos Verdes, King City, El Cajon, Escondido, Costa Mesa, Oceanside and Paradise all have in common? A national special interest group called Associated Builders and Contractors has sent lobbyists into every one of these cities urging their city councils to enact charters. Why? Because it serves ABC?s narrow political agenda. ABC?s propaganda can be seen all over the push for Auburn to become a charter city. Kevin Hanley has frequently cited them in op-eds and council reports. Their Sacramento lobbyist wrote a letter to the Auburn Journal last September advocating the charter. And not surprisingly, the first person to go before the city council and advocate for a charter was the front man for an ABC-linked Astroturf group. The citizens of just about every one of the cities listed above sent ABC packing. Auburn should do the same thing. Vote no on Measure A. Brittany Eakins, Auburn