Senior project needs to stay

Reader Input
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Why in the world would the Placer (Union High School) District want to eliminate senior project? This is a wonderful program that lets seniors showcase their final piece of work to the community before graduating. It’s like a rite of passage. And it’s definitely a better measure of accomplishment than taking all those standardized tests. I’ve known a lot of people in the community from service clubs and other organizations who have judged senior projects, and they look forward to this event. They like to see the students dressed up, and, yes, just a little bit nervous as they prepare to give their speeches. But the community people have always come away impressed with the students - their speeches, their projects and their portfolios. As I understand it, senior project was initially responsible for the all-weather track, the football field concession stand, the hall of fame, and many murals at Placer High School. It would be a shame to see this program eliminated. I would urge the board of trustees to keep it alive. NAOMI EGGENSCHWEILER, Auburn