Senior projects ready students for reality

Reader Input
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Last week while speaking with one of the Loomis town elders, I was informed that Del Oro High School is considering eliminating senior projects. If I were faced with the prospects of discontinuing programs, this one should be the last on the drop-off list. I have always considered senior projects to be one of the best programs to bridge students into the next level of life and education. It gives the students structure, planning, academics, communication and self-confidence. The students are challenged at all levels and must give a high-level presentation to be graded. In the years to come they will remember their project and if they gave it their best they would be better for it. To consider canceling senior projects is simply shortsighted; it should be a permanent process. The program should be enhanced and some of the students should be further challenged in an advanced level program. In these days we need programs that challenge students beyond student curriculum, so that the student would be better prepared for college and life outside the classroom basic curriculum. David L. Saulque, Loomis