Senior spells out why Walmart is needed

Reader Input
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We spent many years of pleasure camping up here in the summers and enjoying the fairs, Old Town and the many small shops in the area. When we retired we decided to move up here from Sunnyvale and have been here for over 13 years. We have always taken your paper and I really enjoy the Comment and Another View to keep me updated on everything that is going on here. I feel it is time I stuck up for my favorite store: Walmart! They took away Gottschalks and Mervyns closed down, too! As a senior, senior with time running out as a driver and a lot of grandchildren and great-grandchildren that love to get little affordable presents from me, there is a great demand for a one-stop shopping center that has everything imaginable under one roof. I would say there are hundreds of other seniors from here that feel the same way as I do because I see them in Walmart in Roseville when I go there. Some time ago a student writer said we don’t need a Walmart. How would a young person who apparently has parents with money know what I need? Then there is Lincoln. They built a huge community of homes but didn’t want a bunch of big stores and now they are in dire financial need of money and not enough businesses to pay more taxes. If we had a Walmart, you can be sure a lot of people from Lincoln would shop there and Auburn would benefit from the extra taxes! Last, but not least,the laws of nature in my time have always been if a company pollutes the ground, that company is required by law to clean it up. The lumber yard polluted the ground and it was declared clean so why should Walmart have to do it again? Anyone that has such hatred in them needs sympathy. Mary Miner, Auburn