Senior Spotlight: Collin Burnett

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Editor’s Note: This is an occasional series spotlighting high school senior projects in the community. Name: Collin Burnett Age: 18 School: Placer High School What is your senior project? I shadowed a fireman. Why did you choose that as your project? Because as a little kid I had always wanted to be a fireman, because my dad was one and it’s kind of interested me for awhile. I got a better understanding of exactly what a fireman does on a day-to-day basis besides fighting huge fires. They do a lot of other things as well. They go on a lot of first aid calls. Anybody with heart problems or anything like that, they are there. I shadowed my dad, who is a Sac Metro firefighter. What college are you going to be attending? I’m attending Sac State. My major is going to be either psychology or kinesiology. I’m not 100 percent on one yet. I have a football scholarship, too. What are some of your hobbies and interests? I play guitar. Aside from sports all I do really is play guitar and hang out with my friends. What are some of your goals for the future? I would say graduate from college. I’m kind of undecided on what I want to do as far as jobs. I do think about becoming a firefighter. Basically doing that for my senior project, it was for me to see if I want to do that as a possible profession, and it definitely is an option I think after doing that. ~Bridget Jones