Seniors value education

Reader Input
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Unlike Ken Newman (Reader Input, Oct. 19), I urge everyone, especially seniors, to vote yes on Measure L. Times have changed. When we came of age, strong reading and math skills and a college education, while helpful, were not necessary for a productive life. Today’s world requires workers to handle informationally dense material using sophisticated technology. Superior math and language skills will be necessary for our children to work and contribute to society. And, most importantly for all of us in Auburn, studies show that there is a direct relationship between the economic strength of a community and the education of its citizens. Smart, educated people produce a strong, vibrant community, one which can support and care for seniors. According to Mr. Newman, seniors won’t fill out the forms giving them exemption from the Measure L tax. I don’t agree. Our generation has given so much to this community, to this country. I don’t think a “fear of filling out forms” will keep us from helping the next generation become productive members of society. A yes vote for Measure L will make Auburn a better place to live, even for seniors. Pat Dusterhoft, Auburn senior