Seniors, veterans need to be vigilant

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A recent article was printed in the Letters to the Editor section titled “Senior scam targets veterans” (Journal,?May 30). This letter was timely and well done. However, I would like to take this opportunity to add a few comments that seniors and veterans should keep in mind when seeking information from workshops, seminars or individual advisers. I strongly recommend that when you attend any workshop or appointments with advisers, you bring with you family members, adult children or caregivers who can ask questions and form opinions that you may not have considered, as well as help you make decisions about any program or advice that is being offered. With regard to veterans, before you take any steps or act on any advice, contact your local veteran service officer. Each County has a VSO who can advise veterans regarding all the available programs. In Placer County that individual is Rick Buckman. Another issue raised in the recent letter dealt with “accredited” attorneys. It’s important to know that “accredited” attorneys are not employed by, nor in any way working for the Veterans Administration. They are, however, permitted to represent veterans at administrative hearings with regard to, for example, benefits that have been denied a veteran. Robert Ash, Auburn