Seven thoughts to ponder

Reader Input
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I had to write this letter because I can’t believe what is happening to our country. 1. We do not have a president to be proud of. He should have been in Washington, D.C. at the Arlington Cemetery on Memorial Day, not in Chicago. 2. It is not he making decisions. He does what (Nancy) Pelosi and (Harry) Reid say. 3. All he is doing is flying around the country and we are paying for it. 4. The government health care will be horrible. Listen to the people in Canada. They have it and they come to the U.S. for treatments and surgeries. 5. If people want to work, get paid and have medical care, they should be a citizen of the United States. Close off the Mexican borders. I agree with Arizona. 6. California is beginning to not listen to us. Look at the amount of money they are spending on prisons. It is time the “death penalty” is revised. Instead the money should be used for our schools and colleges. Our children are the future. Give them the right to learn so they can make our country something to be proud of. 7. Last, but not least, people, government and advertisements should shut their mouths about people being obese. It is their business so we should mind our own business. Remember we are the “United States of America.” God bless America. DEE NANN, Christian Valley